Sedation Options in Hamilton Hill

Are you one of the many people who avoid dental visits because of anxiety or fear? Sedation dentistry at AP Dental may be the answer for you! We offer various sedation options to help you relax and conquer any fear or discomfort. Contact us today to learn more about our anxiety-free dental procedures!

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Relax and Experience a Comfortable Dental Treatment with Our Sedation Options

For many people, visits to the dentist can be downright terrifying. The fear of pain, needles, and the unknown can all contribute to dental anxiety. As a result, people with dental anxiety may avoid going to the dentist.

Avoiding the dentist can have serious consequences to your dental health. When you don’t see the dentist regularly, it’s more likely that you’ll develop cavities, gum disease, and other problems. And once these problems progress, dental care treatment can be difficult and expensive.

AP Dental is proud to offer intravenous and inhalation sedation. With IV sedation, you will sleep during your dental treatment and wake up when it is finished. An anaesthetist will be present during your procedure for your safety and maximum comfort. With inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nasal breathing apparatus that sits on your nose. It is a safe way to reduce pain and anxiety during dental treatment for both children and adults.

Reasons Why You May Need Sedation Options

Dental Anxiety

Some patients have an overwhelming fear of the dentist, and dental procedures can evoke fear, anxiety, and uneasiness. Sedation options can ease your anxiety and help you handle your fears.

Low Pain Tolerance

If you have a low tolerance for pain, sedation options can help you relax and minimise discomfort during your procedure. Sedation can make you feel calmer, something that local anaesthesia can’t.

Gag Reflex

Some people's gag reflex may be so heightened that even simple activities such as toothbrushing and, even more so, dental procedures can trigger it. Sedation can help subdue a gag reflex, making dental procedures possible.

Multiple or Complex Procedures

Multiple or complex dental procedures, such as oral surgery, can be challenging, especially if the patient is anxious or has low pain tolerance. Sedation options can help address these concerns, making the experience more comfortable for patients.

Why Choose A P Dental 


Compassionate and Highly
Skilled Dental Team

At AP Dental, we understand the importance of oral health, and we are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. You can expect high-quality care at our practice if you suffer from gum disease. Our team is composed of compassionate and highly skilled dentists dedicated to providing excellence in all we do.

State-of-the-Art Dental

At AP Dental, we proudly offer our patients the latest in gum disease treatment. Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology, and our experienced team of dentists is dedicated to providing high-quality care. We offer a wide range of gum disease treatments, from scale and clean to more complex surgical procedures, and we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Flexible Payment Offers

At AP Dental, we offer flexible payment options that make getting the treatment you need easy. We accept all health funds, which means you can use your insurance to cover the cost of your treatment. In addition, we offer payment plans that make it easy to budget for your care.

Sedation Options

At AP Dental, we understand that coming in for gum disease treatment can be stressful. We offer various sedation options, such as IV and inhalation sedation, to help put our patients at ease. And because your comfort is our top priority, we will thoroughly explain each option’s risks and benefits so that you can make an informed decision.


FAQ about Sedation Options

Dental sedation offers many advantages. 

  • Sedation dentistry can help reduce anxiety and make the dental experience more comfortable. Dental sedation allows you to get the dental care you need without feeling scared or anxious.

  • Dental sedation can help you get the dental care you need without worrying about pain. As sedatives inhibit the brain’s perception of pain, you can relax as your dentist works on your teeth.   

  • Dental sedation makes dental treatment possible for patients with a sensitive gag reflex, a fear of needles, or a low pain threshold.

  • Dental sedation minimises a patient’s movement, making it easier to complete dental procedures in kids and patients with special needs.

  • Dental sedation can be beneficial for those who have had bad experiences in the past or who have dental phobia. It can help make the dental experience more comfortable, as patients will not be able to feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Dental sedation is a great way to facilitate dental treatments for both kids and adults. When administered by a qualified health professional, it is a safe way to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during their dental procedure, especially kids. Nitrous oxide gas is recommended for pediatric patients. It keeps them calm and relaxed, minimising the risk of them feeling any pain or discomfort.

Dental sedation comes in many forms, and the length of time that it lasts can vary depending on the form of sedation used.

  • IV sedation works quickly, taking effect 15 to 30 minutes after administration. Once the IV is removed, you’ll begin to wake up within 20 minutes and be fully recovered from all sedative effects within six hours. You may not remember much of the procedure once it’s over.

  • Inhalation sedation in the form of nitrous oxide usually takes effect within one to two minutes, and the effects will wear off shortly after the gas is no longer being inhaled.

Regardless of the sedation method, you’ll be closely monitored by our experienced staff throughout the procedure for your comfort and safety.

Dental sedation is a great way to relax during your dental appointment, but there are a few things you need to do (and not do) to prepare.


  • Unless your dentist instructs otherwise, make sure you take all your medications as prescribed.

  • You should provide a complete medical history to your dentist. Be sure to inform your dentist if you are taking blood thinners. They may instruct you to skip these medications for a few days before your surgery.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your dental appointment. Sedation and anaesthesia require access to your arms and legs for monitoring and medication administration.

  • Make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from the appointment. It is not safe to drive after sedation because you will be drowsy.


  • You should not eat anything for at least six hours before your appointment. 

  • Not consuming any liquids at least 6 hours before the dental procedure is recommended. You can drink clear liquids such as water until at least 2 hours before the procedure. 

  • Don’t wear too many accessories to your appointment. The provision of anaesthesia is complicated by the presence of bracelets, watches, and artificial fingernails.

  • Don’t show up to your dental appointment with wet hair. When patients have wet hair, they usually wake up shivering since their body temperature has dropped because of the wet hair.

  • Avoid wearing hair accessories such as rubber bands and hair ties. They can interfere with the anaesthesia procedure, especially the positioning of your head.

Have someone else drive you home if you’ve been sedated for dental treatment. The sedative medication will make you drowsy, and the effects can take some time to wear off. In some cases, patients may even fall asleep while driving.

The cost of sedation can vary depending on the type of sedation used and the length of the procedure. Intravenous sedation, administered through a vein in the arm, starts at $500 per hour. Nitrous oxide gas, inhaled through a breathing mask, usually starts at $85 per session. Please schedule an initial consultation appointment at AP Dental so our friendly team can discuss your treatment options and provide you with an accurate treatment cost.

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