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AP Dental is here to help keep your teeth healthy with our scale and clean services. We will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth using the latest technology and techniques. Schedule an appointment today for a healthier, brighter smile!

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Remove Plaque and Tartar Build-up for a Healthy, Bright Smile with Our Scale and Clean.

Plaque and tartar are two of the primary culprits behind tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque constantly forms on your teeth due to bacteria. Plaque build-up can harden into tartar, which is more challenging to remove.

Tartar build-up can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing can help control plaque build-up, but you should also see your dentist regularly for professional cleanings. They have special tools that can remove tartar that has already formed and check for signs of gum disease.

AP Dental offers scale and clean services that will leave your teeth looking and feeling healthy. A scale and clean is a preventive care treatment that removes plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth. These build-ups can’t be removed by brushing and flossing alone and can only be removed with special dental instruments. Our experienced dental professionals will gently and thoroughly clean your teeth to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Dental Problems You Need a Scale and Clean
Treatment For

bad breath

Bad Breath

Bleeding gums are a common symptom of gum disease, and it's something that affects many people. However, bleeding gums can also point to other health problems, such as periodontitis, leukaemia, and vitamin deficiency.

gum disease

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to tooth loss, jaw bone loss, and other health problems. Signs of gum disease include swelling, bleeding, and receding gums.

bleeding gums

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a common symptom of gum disease, and it's something that affects many people. However, bleeding gums can also point to other health problems, such as periodontitis, leukaemia, and vitamin deficiency.

severe toothache

Severe Toothache

For many, a toothache will be the first sign that something is wrong with their teeth. Usually, tooth decay is the root cause of toothaches, and it can occur when bacteria build up on your teeth and break down the enamel.

Why Choose A P Dental 


Compassionate and Highly
Skilled Dental Team

During a scale and clean appointment, our team will gently and thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. We understand that some patients may be anxious about dental appointments, so we strive to provide a compassionate and relaxing environment. From simple procedures to complex treatments, our dentists are highly skilled and take a gentle and individualised approach with each patient.

State-of-the-Art Dental

AP Dental is proud to offer a wide range of dental services in our state-of-the-art dental clinic, including scale and clean treatments. Our highly trained team of dental professionals performs effective treatments using the latest technology and equipment. You will be impressed with our state-of-the-art facility, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to providing high-quality dental care and efficient service for our patients.


Flexible Payment Offers

We understand that dental care can be expensive, so we offer flexible payment options to make it more accessible. We accept all private health insurance funds and offer payment plans. We also accept Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and DVA Health Cards.

Sedation Options

At AP Dental, we understand that coming in for gum disease treatment can be stressful. We offer various sedation options, such as IV and inhalation sedation, to help put our patients at ease. And because your comfort is our top priority, we will thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of each option to you so that you can make an  informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scale and Clean

A scale and clean at the dentist is a routine procedure that usually takes around 30 minutes. Using an ultrasonic scaler, your dentist will remove plaque deposits from your teeth to help prevent cavities and gum disease. They will also use oral irrigation, which involves squirting a tiny spray of cool water between your teeth to remove any remaining plaque. Plaque and tartar will then be scraped off your teeth with a small instrument called a scaler. Your dentist will then polish your teeth with a prophylaxis paste to leave them feeling extra smooth and clean. Your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment option after your scale and clean to strengthen your teeth.

A scale and clean at the dentist isn’t just about making your teeth sparkle – though that’s definitely one of the benefits. This dental treatment can help remove surface stains on your teeth caused by tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco. With a regular scale and clean, you might not need tooth whitening treatments. In addition, a scale and clean also removes the build-up of tartar and plaque on your teeth, which can lead to periodontal disease if left unchecked. In other words, having a scale and clean is not only good for your appearance, but it’s also essential for maintaining dental health.

A scale and clean does not weaken or damage your teeth. You won’t experience any harmful effects on your tooth enamel after getting a scale and clean from a qualified dental care professional.

Your teeth will look cleaner and feel fresher after a professional scale and clean. A common side effect is increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. However, this is only temporary. You might also experience gum sensitivity for a few days if we had to use many instruments against your teeth and gums to remove built-up bacteria. But don’t worry – this is normal and will subside soon. In the meantime, brush gently and floss carefully to help speed up recovery.

It is recommended to have a routine check-up with a scale and clean at least twice a year to maintain optimal oral health.

Get a Smile that Stands Out

At AP Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of dental services to meet the needs of our patients. From professional cleanings and dental fillings to more complex procedures, we are here to help you maintain a brighter, healthier smile. Book your appointment today and see the difference our team can make.