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Providing veterans with a DVA Health card is part of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ commitment to caring for their needs. This card entitles veterans to quality medical and dental care.
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Quality Dental Card For Moden Day Heroes With DVA

Using the DVA Health card, veterans can seek exceptional dental care from any provider of their choice. Veteran White Cards provide coverage for procedures related to service-related conditions. All medically necessary dental services are covered by Veteran Gold Cards.

You can expect full coverage for dental treatments approved by the DVA. Providing a physician’s certificate will be required as proof of medical necessity.

Dental Treatments Covered By DVA

  1. Preventive Dental Services
    DVA covers dental treatments aimed at keeping veterans’ teeth and mouths healthy in order to improve their oral health. The DVA covers regular checkups and cleanings, dentures, and cavity treatments.

  2. Tooth Replacement Options
    A set of dentures is a common tooth replacement option for patients suffering from missing teeth. You are entitled to a relining of your dentures every two years. You will be covered by DVA for denture replacement every six years unless your dentures have been realigned within the last year or if a replacement is recommended sooner.

  3. Dental Implant Coverage
    In accordance with their needs, DVA Cardholders can receive different types of dental implants. Those who have lost teeth within the past three years can receive two single tooth implants every two years. For partial upper jaw dentures or a full lower jaw denture, you can also get dental implants for the upper or lower jaw.

  4. Bruxism Treatment
    Although bruxism is classified as a mental health condition by the DVA, it can have significant dental implications. As a result of long-term grinding of the teeth, bruxism can result in cracked, broken, or worn teeth. It depends on the type of Veteran Healthcard presented and whether Bruxism dental treatments are covered.

Other Government Dental Schemes

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