Child Dental Benefits Schedule

It is vital that our children receive basic dental care in order to remain healthy and happy. In addition to receiving dental care, children can also learn about proper oral hygiene thanks to the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
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Our Children Get Better
Oral Care With CDBS

A government-funded program that assists children in obtaining basic dental care, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule was established to improve population-wide oral health. CDBS is available to children enrolled in Medicare between the ages of 0-17. A benefit cap of $1,026 applies to the program, which is renewed every two years.

Families who qualify for the Family Tax Benefit Part A are automatically enrolled in CDBS. They pay no out-of-pocket costs for services covered by CDBS. Families with private insurance can also top up their coverage with CDBS.


Dental Treatments
Covered By CDBS

  1. Preventive Dental Treatments
    Keeping your oral health in good condition requires regular dental checkups and cleanings. In this way, dental practitioners can identify oral concerns and conditions at an early stage. Several extras plans also cover fissure sealing.

  2. Restorative Dental Procedures
    The purpose of root canals, dental fillings, and extractions is to restore or replace severely damaged teeth. By removing the affected area and filling in the void with a tooth-coloured material, root canals and fillings preserve the structure of damaged teeth.

  3. Tooth Replacements
    Partial dentures can be made to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth if necessary. When one is uncomfortable about something as public as a smile, it can affect one’s self-confidence and appearance. Patients may be recommended tooth replacement options to avoid this.

  4. Dental Imaging
    You may be asked by your dentist to have x-rays taken around the mouth in order to find out how healthy and condition your teeth are. By doing this, they can determine where a child’s teeth should be placed and how they should be aligned. Additionally, x-rays provide dentists with insight into the condition and growth of their patients’ jawbones.

Other Government Dental Schemes

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