Dental Fillings in Hamilton Hill

AP Dental is proud to offer high-quality dental filling services in Hamilton Hill. We provide various dental filling materials to suit your needs and preferences. Furthermore, we offer tooth-coloured fillings to restore the natural appearance of your teeth. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about our dental filling services.

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Get Our High-quality Tooth-coloured Dental Fillings for Better Aesthetics and Tooth Preservation

Tooth decay, also called dental caries, is one of the most prevalent oral health diseases. It is caused by plaque that forms on your teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce acid, which destroys the tooth, causing cavities.

Cavities are holes formed in teeth due to tooth decay. Without treatment, plaque will continuously destroy the tooth and further enlarge a cavity. Eventually, the cavity will reach the tooth’s inner layers, causing pain, infection, and tooth loss.

AP Dental is proud to offer high-quality dental fillings to restore teeth with cavities. We offer a variety of dental fillings to suit your needs, including tooth-coloured filling materials. Tooth-coloured filling materials can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth for better aesthetics. In addition, our tooth-coloured fillings allow for more conservative tooth preparation, meaning that less tooth structure needs to be removed to place the filling. This helps preserve your tooth’s strength while still providing the necessary support.

Dental Problems You Need a Dental Fillings
Treatment For

missing crowns and fillings

Missing Crowns and Fillings

Over time, dental fillings can break down, and crowns may become loose. When this occurs, it's important to have it addressed as soon as possible. A dental filling can help restore these teeth to their original shape and size, protecting the tooth from further damage and decay.

teeth sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity

A tooth becomes sensitive when dentin, the tooth’s inner layer, becomes exposed to the oral cavity. This may be due to tooth decay, worn down enamel or exposed roots. Dental fillings can help seal or cover the exposed parts of dentin and provide relief from sensitivity.

chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth can be caused by falls, blows to the face, biting down on hard foods, or even using your teeth to open bottles and packages. A dental filling can help rebuild the lost tooth structure to restore the tooth's appearance and prevent further damage.

severe toothache

Severe Toothache

A toothache can occur when tooth decay reaches the inner parts of the tooth. This is caused by bacteria that can access the tooth through a crack or decay. Dental fillings can restore these cavities to protect the tooth from decay-causing bacteria.

Why Choose A P Dental 


Compassionate and Highly
Skilled Dental Team

When choosing a dental provider for fillings, you want to get high-quality care. At AP Dental, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and highly skilled dental team. We take the time to get to know each patient and their individual needs to be able to provide the most personalised care possible.

State-of-the-Art Dental

AP Dental is proud to offer our patients the latest in dental technology. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest dental equipment and technique advancements. We use only the finest materials for our dental fillings for patient satisfaction.


Flexible Payment Offers

For patients looking for bruxism treatment, we offer many benefits that make AP Dental an excellent choice. We offer flexible payment options that make it easy to budget for treatment, and we accept all major health insurance plans. We also offer payment plans that make treatment more affordable and accept Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and DVA Health Cards.

Sedation Options

At AP Dental, we understand that many patients experience anxiety regarding dental procedures. That’s why we offer a variety of sedation options to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. Whether you prefer intravenous (IV) or inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide), our team will work with you to find the most suitable option for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are necessary if you have a chipped, broken, or decayed tooth. These fillings restore the tooth’s appearance and function, allowing the patient to use them for eating and speech. Aside from this, dental fillings also strengthen the teeth left by cavities. By having dental fillings, the tooth can be protected from further damage.

A tooth filling is a common dental procedure used to repair minor damage and restore the function and appearance of a tooth. The procedure may vary depending on the severity and location of the decay, but generally, the treatment goes as follows.

  1. Your dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth using a drill or a spoon-like hand instrument.

  2. Your tooth will be prepared for filling with an etchant and a bonding agent. This step will improve the chemical attachment of the filling material to the tooth.

  3. The filling material will be placed on your tooth and shaped to match the tooth’s contours.

  4. Using a special light, your dentist will harden the filling material. Once the filling is hard, it will be trimmed and polished to blend with the natural tooth.

Dental fillings are usually completed in one visit, and patients will be able to eat and drink normally afterwards.

Dental filling materials are commonly made of the following:

  • Composite.
    These resin fillings are made of tooth-coloured plastic and glass materials. They provide a natural-looking finish and can match the colour of your teeth.

  • Amalgam.
    These silver fillings contain mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper. They are popular because of their affordability and durability. However, because of their metallic colour, they are often used for the back teeth only.

  • Ceramics.
    These fillings are made of porcelain, making the restoration more natural-looking and resistant to staining. 

  • Gold.
    Gold fillings are made of gold alloy and are well-known for their durability and long lifespan.

  • Glass ionomer.
    This filling is made from a mixture of glass and acrylic. They release fluoride, which helps protect the teeth from further decay.
Dental fillings are a common and safe treatment for cavities. The procedure is quick and easy, and most patients report little to no discomfort afterwards. The materials used in dental fillings are also approved and considered safe by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). This includes the amalgam filling, which contains mercury mixed with silver, copper, tin, and zinc. Fillings are an effective way to treat cavities and can help prevent further damage to the tooth.
After you get dental fillings, it’s normal to experience tooth sensitivity and tenderness in your gums. This is because the fillings can temporarily irritate the nerves in your teeth. However, this sensitivity should go away within a few days. In the meantime, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers to help ease any discomfort. We recommend avoiding hot or cold drinks for the first 24 hours and eating soft foods for the first few days. You should also brush and floss to avoid the recurrence of tooth decay.
The cost of dental fillings varies depending on the affected tooth’s location, the size of the cavity and the filling material used. In general, dental fillings start at around $200 per tooth.

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At AP Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of dental services to meet the needs of our patients. From professional cleanings and dental fillings to more complex procedures, we are here to help you maintain a brighter, healthier smile. Book your appointment today and see the difference our team can make.